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Zebapique aka “Jackass Bitters”

Zebapique aka “Jackass Bitters”

This is a natural Herbal remedy used to control blood glucose in diabetic patients, also used to control colds and flu, and high blood pressure.

Additionally Jackass Bitters is used as a blood cleanser, treatment for Malaria, Fungus, Amoebas and Intestinal Parasites. The product can also be used as a hair rinse to rid Head lice.

Jackass Bitters contains a potent anti-parasitic agent (sesquiterpene dialdehyde) which is the active ingredient that fights intestinal parasites, Candida and fungal infections.


Draw as a tea, approximately two pinches of leaves (equivalent of about 2 leaves) to one cup of hot water or milk, adjust to desired strength. Let stand in liquid for approximately 5 minutes, sweeten to taste (this is a bitter tea), enjoy!

Always refer to your Physician before using Herbal Teas, if on medication or pregnant!



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